Marqués de Puntalarga – Wine from Colombia

Wine from Colombia - Marqués de Puntalarga


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A Northern Place in a Tropical Country.

This is how Puntalarga was defined by an eminent French master in viticulture. Surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the Valle del Sol (Valley of the Sun), you will find a hillside that was used to conduct pre-Colombian rituals.  Situated at a low latitude and high altitude, our vineyard benefits from intense sun and clear skies which provide warm temperatures during the day but cool temperatures during the night, the perfect combination for growing grapes. During the autumnal days which are essential to perfect grape ripening, the grapes can mature slowly and, at the same time, completely.  Meanwhile, as the grapes ripen, their sensory characteristics are enriched as a result of the intense solar radiation, minimal seasonal variations and the effects of the large temperature change between the day and night. In addition to the favorable microclimatic environment , our grapes also benefit from a well-suited soil.

Because of the low genetic stability of our vines, their grapes have the capacity to reflect the sensory characteristics of the territory.   The colluvial and its forbidding created the russet-colored soil, a result of the colossal geological processes of the Chicamocha River. Deeply constructed, the grapes have responded to their environment to create the character of the wine, fully regional but of international quality.  It is the wine of la tierra, our terroir.

MQR 2009

For information about the scientific basis and historical background of our viticulture or the title of “Castile” granted by Don Carlos III, which gives its name to the wine, please contact us or visit us.